The Opportunity


The trend in manufacturing is Just-in-Time (JIT), which increases the number of changeovers. Reducing the time required for a changeover, the more money manufacturer's save.


Unexpected Downtime in manufacturing lines occur due to the need to make fine adjustments to meet product specifications. Fine adjustments are made by stopping the production line and removing key components, costing millions.


The market for equipment manufacturing is +$100 Million market in Canada alone. U.S. and China combined is valued at over $550 Billion.

Die Cutting/Extrusion

Die Cutting and Extrusion is used to squeeze, press and cut products into shape. For every unique shape, a custom die is needed.


A fluid is poured into a mold and hardened. Like dies, each mold has a unique shape and requires customization.

Smarter Tools

Manufacturers require more data so they can better monitor their manufacturing lines and compensate for potential issues before they arise.


The Technology

Programmable Surface

Instead of a continuous surface, PinPress is a surface of tiny motors that can change it's shape on the fly.

Inline Adjustments

With PinPress's shape changing technology, Manufacturers will be able to make in-line adjustments that ensure the quality of their product, without downtime.

Reduce Costs

With a reduction in changeover, downtime, material consumption, energy consumption and labor costs, PinPress saves Manufacturers money.

Custom Motors

In order to make PinPress a reality, we've developed the smallest, stackable motors in the world, customizable to each Manufacturer's needs.


We use a combination of mechanical and fluid locking systems to give PinPress the strength necessary to withstand the pressures of manufacturing.


Stretching an elastic rubber-like layer over the surface, smoothens PinPress to create features smaller than the motor size.


Asif Khan

Co-Founder BASc Nanotechnology Engineering MASc Software Engineering

Asif did his undergraduate degree in Nanotechnology Engineering, and his MASc in various mathematical solvers. He is working on software and business development.

Behram O'Habib

Co-Founder BASc Nanotechnology Engineering Manufacturing Line Manager

Behram finished his undergraduate degree in Nanotechnology Engineering, then spent some time working as a line manager at Proctor and Gamble. He is currently leading business development.

Nick Vardy

Co-Founder BASc Nanotechnology Engineering MASc Electrical Engineering

After finishing his undergraduate degree in Nanotechnology Engineering, Nick completed his MASc in Thin Film Transistors. He is currently working on developing hardware components to PinPress.

Nemo Kliska

Co-Founder BASc Nanotechnology Engineering MASc Chemical Engineering

Nemo finished his undergrad in Nanotechnology Engineering, then completed his MASc in the area of simulation of microfluidic systems. He is working on designing and building PinPress.